Choosing the Best Door Knobs

door knob

Door knobs are one of the most important parts of the door since it is the one responsible for the security of the room. A door with out door knobs will never be secured. There are actually different types of door knobs that you can buy for your door for you to be secured when it comes to your safety and security. Door knobs and locks for doors are available at hardware. You can buy them in sets or you can also buy them individually. Choosing the best door knobs could be challenging since door knobs comes in different types of safety features and the more complicated the safety features the more expensive it cost. But the simpler the safety feature the cheaper it cost. So, it is up to you who of those door knobs you prefer to have as long as it matches the design of your door and also it could provide you the security that you want.

Do not buy those door knobs that could easily be open by burglars, Im referring to those cheap type of door knobs. When you enter into hardware and if you are not sure what type of door knobs to buy, never hesitate to ask for assistance so you will be guided and there would be someone that can explain to you or answer your questions regarding the features and safety of the door knobs that you want to buy. Believe me there are different types of door knobs that have cool feature and could really provide you the safety and security that you need.

Another concern that you will have is the installation of the door knobs. There are people who are really knowledgeable when it comes to these matters but you don’t really need to hire a professional just to install a door knob; you can simply do it yourself. All you need to do is to follow the guide that is provided at the back of the packaging. There are steps provided on how you can install these door knobs to your door.

When installing, you also need to have tools like screw driver since most of the door are being screwed. So, make sure that you have the tools needed for installation so everything will be easy and simple. With out this tool there is no way that you can install these door knobs. So make sure that you have the right tools before you start the installation.

How to Landscape your Beachfront Property


Beachfront properties can provide idyllic surroundings for homeowners when using well planned landscaping. When saltwater is a factor in landscaping, there are added features — including functionality, maintainability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics — that must be taken into consideration to create a sustainable environment that will serve the needs of nature and your family. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to landscape your beachfront property.

  • Salt tolerant vegetation One of the most important factors to consider when landscaping a coastal region is salt-tolerant plants. If your home is within 1/8 of a mile (201 meters) from the oceanfront, you should be planting vegetation with varying degrees of salt tolerance. The Japanese black pine tree, willow oak, oleander and confederate jasmine are all types of vegetation that are extremely tolerant of salt, sandy soil and drought.
  • Sun exposure When creating a green landscape for your beachfront property, sun exposure is another important factor to consider. The plants you choose and where you place them will significantly depend on the type of sun your property receives. Consult a sales associate at your local nursery to find out if the plants that you’re planning to use prefer full sun, light shade, part shade or full shade. Remember to keep in mind that nearby buildings and structures may provide shade for your plants
  • Hardscape Hardscape is the non-grass surface that makes up your landscape. When possible, refrain from using non-porous surfaces, including blacktop and concrete, for hardscape. Water that runs off from these surfaces may contain pollutants that are then carried off into bodies of water, further contaminating our oceans and environment. When designing your landscape, incorporate porous surfaces, such as mulch, bricks, gravel and turf block. These porous surfaces are not only environmentally friendly, they are also cost effective and a reducer of runoff water

Hand Tools For The Garden

tool garden

Hand tools come in a wide variety of styles and uses and whether you have a small garden or a large garden, there are specific hand tools that you will need in order to keep your garden looking good. Many of us are all too aware of the hand tools they need and have quite a collection but for those that have recently acquired a garden, shopping for hand tools can be quite a task.

Whether your garden is large or small, garden hand tools are a must and purchasing the right garden hand tools is even more important. A spade is a gardeners must have and can be used for many jobs such as planting new plants and trees, turning over loose soil and digging new borders and rockery beds. The height of the spade is really important and not many home owners give this much thought when shopping for a spade. If a spade which is too short is purchased or too long, unnecessary bending is inevitable which can cause back and muscle strains.

Smaller hand tools such as hoes and trowels are also must haves for gardeners and can be used for planting, weeding and tidying up small and large rockeries. Always choose hand tools with a good firm handle that will last the test of time and hand tools made from stainless steel are always good options. Choosing hand tools with bright colours is also a good idea and ensures that we can find them easily after use. Garden hand tools left out in the elements will inevitably rust and will be rendered useless.

Garden hand sheers are also an essential hand tool to have and can be used for pruning and tidying small plants and trees. Hand sheers may need sharpening regularly and should be done so safely to ensure they are in the best condition.

Small garden hand tools such as forks and trowels can also be purchased in a set and there are some really good quality sets on the market.

Finally a good quality wheelbarrow is a must whether your garden is small or large in order to move and transport garden waste safely and easily. Again there are many wheelbarrows on the market and the size of the wheelbarrow is important to the size of the user. Always shop around and try out different models of wheelbarrows to ensure you purchase the correct one and always ensure the size of the wheelbarrow is ideal. The more a wheelbarrow holds the heavier it will be to move and this should affect the type and style you purchases.