Playground Surfaces: Providing Your Kids With A Safer Play Environment


Playground activities make a great way of ensuring kids have a great time, also increasing their physical and mental discipline. However, they are most prone to getting injured when at a playground. To minimize these injuries, opt for installing playground surfaces that are available in various types.

A playground is one the most desired and exciting areas for kids; with swings, slides monkey bars etc. it’s one place they wish they never had to leave. It gives them their daily dose of enjoyment and socializing. Whilst the kids are having fun, for parents and care takers it’s a worrisome time because they understand that injuries are common in a playground. Being concerned about the safety of children is only natural.

In order to ensure kids are protected from injuries, it becomes very important to make the playground safe. Consequently consider opting for companies that offer playground surfacing. It is a known fact that a playground that is cushioned with a smooth surface minimizes the chances of kids getting injured in case of falling from a play equipment. Few of the added advantages of equipping your playground with high quality updated surfacing are:

  •  Reduction in the chances of kids tripping. This decreases the risk of injuries that are associated with the falls.
  • Weather conditions do not hamper their performance. Whether it’s boiling hot or icy chilled the surface remains intact.
  • They are made available in a variety of customizable shapes, designs, colors and sizes to ensure the kids do not get put off by their presence.
  • They are easy to install and maintain.
  •  The high quality material they are manufactured with, makes it abrasion, indentation and slipping resistant.

As you set out to choose a playground surfacing, make sure you make a guided choices because there is a wide range of surfacing on offer. The traditional sand, gravel and wood chips are not as efficient as the updated surfacing. Following are the various kinds of playground surfaces that offer higher level of protection:

  • Rubber Mulch Surface: It is a rather ideal and preferred playground surface choice, as a result of its increased elasticity and easy to maintain surface that does harden when washed. This ensures children remain protected at all times. Though originally available in black color, to enhance the look of the playground and to stimulate kids visual sense the color can be customized as requested.
  • Poured in Place Surface: Poured in place surfacing is known for its slip resistance and for lasting for long time. They are fairly inexpensive and do not require high maintenance, making it a rather cost effective option. Like the mulch, these surfaces are also available in numerous colors.
  • Grass Fill Surface: It is made of nylon yarn to give it a real grass impression, though unlike the original grass it does not require trimming or mowing. Also it remains fixed to the ground, further complimenting the fresh green look of parks.

So, kick start looking for a company that offers you all of above mentioned high quality surfacing. Be it rubber mulch, grass fills or poured in place, before zeroing down on the surface to install, ensure it tried and tested to meet the optimum ASTM standards. It is also vital that it complies to the ADA guidelines to guarantee the high quality of the playground surface that will safeguard kids from injuries.

Ideas for flooring in your home


Your home is your paradise and if you are planning to renovate your home, goes for the changes that are not only eye catchy but also comfortable for you and your family. Remodeling of the home is associated with revolutions and amendments adjusted in every nook and cranny of the home. If you are going to change the flooring of your home there are some tips for flooring of different parts of you house.

Bedroom flooring:

There are plenty options when it comes to flooring in your bedroom. Being the most private and personalized part of your home, your bedroom is the place which grabs a big part of your budget whenever you are remodeling your home. You can use carpet, tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork or laminate. Play with different materials in different rooms. You can opt for striped light and dark shades in your boy’s room so that if your son is going to create mess, which is unavoidable, the flooring can withstand the burden. Also the flooring can bear heavy traffic of the folks coming in the bedroom. For more powerful scratch and water resistant flooring you can choose laminate.

Living room flooring:

It is the most used part that withholds most of the traffic coming in and out of the house. It is highly recommended that the flooring should be strong enough that it can endure all such amendments done with your furniture or to the increasing and decreasing ratio of visitors. For this purpose you can opt for hardwood flooring. Being classy and sophisticated in look it is the perfect choice for your living room whenever you are remodeling your home.

Kitchen flooring:

Design the floor of your kitchen in such a way that it not only looks pretty but also gives a practical impression. You can choose from vinyl, tile, natural stone, wood, cork or laminate. A floor covering that is water resistant and durable such as tile is a best choice to protect against potential water damage. Make sure when you choose your floor to order a little extra of the product in the event that you drop something like a pot on your floor. If the flooring material is damaged, you will be sure to have enough to repair the floor because often floor manufacturers have high turnover of their products to insure a continual buying cycle. Most flooring contractors add 5-10% additional square footage of the flooring product to their purchase order to insure they have enough for the project and to provide the client with a little extra flooring for future use.

There are five things you need to look for when choosing new carpeting for your home:

  • First of all, carpet padding supports your carpet and protects it from wear and tear. It also helps insulate your home and absorbs sound. Different kinds of carpet pads are recommended for different types of carpets and for rooms with different amounts of traffic.
  • To keep your costs low, shop around before you buy your carpet. Splurge on better quality carpeting for rooms with higher traffic. If you get carpet tile, you can replace one tile rather than the whole carpet if part of it gets ruined. Research the pros and cons (and prices) of different fiber types.
  • Find out about cleaning and maintenance. What equipment will you need? How often will you have to clean your carpet? Choose a carpet that will be easier to maintain. For example, a textured rug will conceal footprints and a loop carpet is more resistant to dirt.
  • Choose colors that reflect the tone you’re looking to set in each room. Cool greens and blues are considered peaceful, while warm golds and reds make a room feel cozy. Light colors will make a small room feel bigger; patterns, texture and dark colors help hide stains. Bring home color samples to see how they’ll look in each room
  • Finally, check how different carpets may affect your health or the environment. Volatile organic compounds in carpets, padding and adhesives can contribute to allergies, asthma and air quality in your home.You may want to buy carpeting made from recycled materials and renewable resources. The Green Seal Certification or the Green Label of the Carpet and Rug Institute are good things to look for when you want to know about the impact a carpet may have on your health or the environment.

6 Ways to Use Old Stuff to Create Smart Storage

These DIY storage ideas transform items you already have into problem-solvers.

Don’t let your old stuff freeload! Put it to work. Use that old suitcase, file cabinet, magazine rack — even items you might ordinarily pitch into the recycling bin — to help organize your home. You’ll save money, and your family will benefit from unique storage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Go on: Unpack your creativity and pack up your clutter into old stuff you never before thought to use as storage.


1.  Tin Cans Become … Winter Gear Storage

Hats and gloves and boots, oh my. With three young children and a small entryway, Clare Fauke gets desperate to see her floor each winter. “I needed a way to contain things in a spot everyone could reach,” she says. While cooking chili one day, she had an aha moment. “Those 28-ounce cans of diced tomatoes were the perfect size to [use for stowing] a couple of baby gloves,” says Fauke who lives with her family in Chicago.

She washed out the cans and made sure there was no torn metal around the edges. Then she screwed the cans to a piece of scrap wood and attached the whole thing to the wall by the door. “It really helps discourage the kids from throwing their things everywhere,” Fauke says. And the cost is minimal if you wait until those tomatoes are on sale.

2.  Old Strawberry Containers Become … Organizers

Berry-lover Mickey Mansfield of suburban Charlotte, N.C., found himself knee-deep in plastic strawberry boxes. He decided to use an empty one as a first aid kit in the garage. Like berry vines, the idea grew.

Now, he uses them to store crayons, markers, and craft supplies. “They’re ‘free’ (just the cost of the strawberries), easily replaceable, and see-through,” Mansfield says. “The kids can see exactly what they’re grabbing.” He finds they can hold up for years. They’re stackable and strong enough, he says, to store batteries and Matchbox cars.

“I even leave the cars in the container, which has holes, and dunk the whole thing in a bucket filled with a solution of water and bleach to disinfect them,” he says. “Then I just tip them over to drain and dry.”

3.  Old Suitcase Becomes … Charging Station

Even chargers deserve a nice home. With four kids ages 7 to 17, Brenda McDevitt was finding chargers, tablets, cords, and cell phones all over her suburban Pittsburgh home. She wanted a centrally located storage center and looked no further than the perfect-sized container that happened to already be in her home: a vintage suitcase she was using in a decorative display.

“I’ve always loved the look of them,” says McDevitt, who admits to collecting old suitcases from mostly roadsides. “I’ve never paid for one, and I always have a couple of suitcases laying around for things like magazine storage. Or I’ll put them under a bench or on top of a cabinet.”

McDevitt relined this vintage case with a cheery fabric to make the inside of the charging station as chic as the outside. She then drilled some holes in the back for the cords to exit and left a power cord inside so everyone can plug in their devices out of sight.

4.  Plastic Magazine Racks Become … Freezer Organizers

Anyone who has ever had something fall out of the freezer onto his toes knows the dangers of rifling through bags of frozen vegetables, packages of meat, breads, and leftovers. The fix is so simple — plastic magazine racks. (If you don’t have some lying around, you can find them at an office supply store for $6 or less.) Slide them in your fridge and fill them up. Your toes will thank you.

Who says a window can’t be a door? Erica Hebel wanted to create a rustic-looking storage cupboard for her “itty bitty powder room that is ridiculously shaped and hard to get into” in suburban Chicago. She began with a $3 wood window purchased at a barn sale. “A bit worn, but that adds to its character,” she says.

Hebel cleaned the wood and the glass panes. Then she built a cabinet box with three pine boards for shelves, plywood for the back, and a few small hinges using a brad nailer, a stud detector, and a Kreg jig.

6.  Stool Becomes … Gift Wrap Organizer


When the cardboard box housing Sarah Ramberg’s wrapping paper finally gave out, she remembered a photo she had seen of an upside-down stool used to corral fabric bolts. That led her to an idea.

The Greenville, S.C., “biologist by day” spray-painted an old stool, slathered on a coat of sealant, and put four casters on the seat so she can “wrap and roll from room to room.” Ramberg cut a “crazy print” thrift store pillow case in half to create catch-all pouches to attach to the side. “It’s a ‘low sew’ project,” she says. And low-cost, too:


Choosing the Best Door Knobs

door knob

Door knobs are one of the most important parts of the door since it is the one responsible for the security of the room. A door with out door knobs will never be secured. There are actually different types of door knobs that you can buy for your door for you to be secured when it comes to your safety and security. Door knobs and locks for doors are available at hardware. You can buy them in sets or you can also buy them individually. Choosing the best door knobs could be challenging since door knobs comes in different types of safety features and the more complicated the safety features the more expensive it cost. But the simpler the safety feature the cheaper it cost. So, it is up to you who of those door knobs you prefer to have as long as it matches the design of your door and also it could provide you the security that you want.

Do not buy those door knobs that could easily be open by burglars, Im referring to those cheap type of door knobs. When you enter into hardware and if you are not sure what type of door knobs to buy, never hesitate to ask for assistance so you will be guided and there would be someone that can explain to you or answer your questions regarding the features and safety of the door knobs that you want to buy. Believe me there are different types of door knobs that have cool feature and could really provide you the safety and security that you need.

Another concern that you will have is the installation of the door knobs. There are people who are really knowledgeable when it comes to these matters but you don’t really need to hire a professional just to install a door knob; you can simply do it yourself. All you need to do is to follow the guide that is provided at the back of the packaging. There are steps provided on how you can install these door knobs to your door.

When installing, you also need to have tools like screw driver since most of the door are being screwed. So, make sure that you have the tools needed for installation so everything will be easy and simple. With out this tool there is no way that you can install these door knobs. So make sure that you have the right tools before you start the installation.

How to Landscape your Beachfront Property


Beachfront properties can provide idyllic surroundings for homeowners when using well planned landscaping. When saltwater is a factor in landscaping, there are added features — including functionality, maintainability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics — that must be taken into consideration to create a sustainable environment that will serve the needs of nature and your family. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to landscape your beachfront property.

  • Salt tolerant vegetation One of the most important factors to consider when landscaping a coastal region is salt-tolerant plants. If your home is within 1/8 of a mile (201 meters) from the oceanfront, you should be planting vegetation with varying degrees of salt tolerance. The Japanese black pine tree, willow oak, oleander and confederate jasmine are all types of vegetation that are extremely tolerant of salt, sandy soil and drought.
  • Sun exposure When creating a green landscape for your beachfront property, sun exposure is another important factor to consider. The plants you choose and where you place them will significantly depend on the type of sun your property receives. Consult a sales associate at your local nursery to find out if the plants that you’re planning to use prefer full sun, light shade, part shade or full shade. Remember to keep in mind that nearby buildings and structures may provide shade for your plants
  • Hardscape Hardscape is the non-grass surface that makes up your landscape. When possible, refrain from using non-porous surfaces, including blacktop and concrete, for hardscape. Water that runs off from these surfaces may contain pollutants that are then carried off into bodies of water, further contaminating our oceans and environment. When designing your landscape, incorporate porous surfaces, such as mulch, bricks, gravel and turf block. These porous surfaces are not only environmentally friendly, they are also cost effective and a reducer of runoff water

Hand Tools For The Garden

tool garden

Hand tools come in a wide variety of styles and uses and whether you have a small garden or a large garden, there are specific hand tools that you will need in order to keep your garden looking good. Many of us are all too aware of the hand tools they need and have quite a collection but for those that have recently acquired a garden, shopping for hand tools can be quite a task.

Whether your garden is large or small, garden hand tools are a must and purchasing the right garden hand tools is even more important. A spade is a gardeners must have and can be used for many jobs such as planting new plants and trees, turning over loose soil and digging new borders and rockery beds. The height of the spade is really important and not many home owners give this much thought when shopping for a spade. If a spade which is too short is purchased or too long, unnecessary bending is inevitable which can cause back and muscle strains.

Smaller hand tools such as hoes and trowels are also must haves for gardeners and can be used for planting, weeding and tidying up small and large rockeries. Always choose hand tools with a good firm handle that will last the test of time and hand tools made from stainless steel are always good options. Choosing hand tools with bright colours is also a good idea and ensures that we can find them easily after use. Garden hand tools left out in the elements will inevitably rust and will be rendered useless.

Garden hand sheers are also an essential hand tool to have and can be used for pruning and tidying small plants and trees. Hand sheers may need sharpening regularly and should be done so safely to ensure they are in the best condition.

Small garden hand tools such as forks and trowels can also be purchased in a set and there are some really good quality sets on the market.

Finally a good quality wheelbarrow is a must whether your garden is small or large in order to move and transport garden waste safely and easily. Again there are many wheelbarrows on the market and the size of the wheelbarrow is important to the size of the user. Always shop around and try out different models of wheelbarrows to ensure you purchase the correct one and always ensure the size of the wheelbarrow is ideal. The more a wheelbarrow holds the heavier it will be to move and this should affect the type and style you purchases.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, but to maintain its value you need to make continual improvements. One of the most substantial renovations you can do to increase the value of your home is to install vinyl replacement windows. Homeowners are realizing that vinyl windows can dramatically improve a home’s external appearance. They can also add to a home’s value because they block external noise and help to conserve energy – two features that today’s home buyers are looking for. They are a relatively easy project to complete, and are becoming more and more affordable.

In order to get the most benefit from a window replacement project, you’ll need to take two important steps.

First, come up with a realistic budget. A window replacement project doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned. Take the time to research the wide variety of replacement windows on the market and what the installation project will involve. Before you begin, it’s important to look at the costs of different brands of windows and decide on the features you want and need. You should also determine if there is any part of the project that you can do yourself. This can result in significant savings. One of the smartest things to do is to talk to other homeowners who have done replacement window projects. This is probably the best way to get an accurate idea of how much is really involved. One thing you don’t want to do is replace windows on a room-by-room basis. It might save you a little money, but the results will be less than appealing and can detract from the house’s exterior appearance.

The second step is to find a qualified and reliable contractor to complete the project. While replacing vinyl windows can sometimes be a do-it-yourself project, taking on every window in the home can be an overwhelming job. A professional can usually get the job done faster and is better able to deal with any installation problems that come up. You might be able to save some money by doing a part of the project yourself, like removing and disposing of the old windows. Be very careful to choose an experienced and reliable window installer. Always check references and talk to previous customers. Ask to see before and after pictures of the contractor’s projects.

Vinyl replacement windows are a substantial home renovation that can have a huge impact on the value of your home. They are an important feature and it doesn’t pay to skimp on quality just to save a little bit of money. Better quality windows will provide more benefits in the long run, including higher energy efficiency and an attractive, updated home exterior. Take the time to look through all the options before you decide on a brand or a window distributor. This is one project where quality should take precedence over a low price. Remember that better quality windows will pay for themselves over time with the benefits they provide.


Decluttering Lessons from an Incredible Closet


Makeover With twice the wardrobe and style needs, a shared space calls for a divide-and-conquer approach. See how this master closet makeover pairs good looks with savvy organization to create a peaceful space for two.

  1. Combine Display and FunctionGood looks need to be purposeful in a shared, hardworking closet. Clean-line drawer pulls on built-ins and the island make the space feel grand yet modern. Niches for artwork and accessories tuck under the eaves and combine display and function.
  2. Enlist Helpers

    Grouping like-items together on a tray or within a stylish caddy encourages tidiness and makes pinpointing supplies a cinch. A simple painted wood tray gathers shoeshine supplies on the island for quick touch-ups.

    3. Put the Kibosh on Chaos

    Avoid tangled necklaces and bangles with thoughtful drawer organizers. Built-in wood dividers control the chaos often associated with small personal items that often go unsorted in drawers. Use patterned drawer liners for a personal punch.

    4.Designate Drop-Zones

    Plastic inserts organize rolled socks or ties quickly and inexpensively. A small bowldesignates a spot for end-of- day pocket-emptying, while an integrated outlet keeps electronics charged.

    5.Make Transitions Smooth

    Stunning hallway wallpaper eases the transition from a more colorful adjacent bedroom to the closet. Wire drawers organize folded clothing and gather laundry.

    6.Streamline Routines

    Industrial fittings for hanging clothing and accessories give one side of the closet a masculine edge. By creating a defined space for often-worn belts, it’s easy to streamline the get-ready routine.

    7.Add Unexpected, Yet Useful Elements

    Industrial accents give this portion of the space a laid-back vibe and show off favorite clothing. Here, a wall-mount garment tree made of galvanized pipes looks cool and makes finding a favorite shirt a cinch.

    8.Keep It Bright

    Like many closets, natural light is limited in this space. To keep it from feeling dark, wallsand trim were painted creamy white to match the built-ins. Also helpful are recessed and pendant lighting, along with mirrors and silver accents, which bounce light around the space. The overall effect is sophisticated and calming, two important characteristics for the room where people kick off their days.

    9.Closet Door Storage

    For this closet, savvy storage begins before stepping foot inside. Hats and other accessories are stashed on a canvas shelf that’s mounted to back of the door. Larger items hang from orderly hooks just below the shelf.

    10.Hidden Laundry Storage

    Two joined door panels conceal a tilt-out hamper and mini laundry-prep station. A bag designated for delicate items and laundry essentials is stored on the shelf above for easy grab-and-go access.

    laundry storage


Affordable Bathroom TVs, Luxurious Lifestyle


The idea of having a bathroom TV may seem like bit of a luxury and the type of thing you only get to see in movies or on MTV, but they are actually quite assessable. For safety’s sake you must make sure that you buy a bathroom TV which is designed purely for the job of providing you with entertainment in the steamiest room in the home.

The Smallest Room in the Home May Require the Largest TV

There are different sized televisions to suit any size of bathroom in your home. The smallest bathroom TV ranges from just 15 which are perfect to have built into the wall at the end of your bath. If you have a great deal of room in your bathroom then you could afford to go for a larger television screen. The biggest bathroom TV is an impressive 42, which is ideal if you love the idea of watching movies or even sports while taking a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day.

Waterproof Technology

In order to cope with the steam of the bathroom and the dangers of water the bathroom TVs are built to be completely waterproof. This means that they are able to be used even in the wettest room in the home. The speakers will also be waterproof, and should you wish to have external speakers you will need to make sure that they are waterproof also.

Latest Bathroom TVs

You can expect everything from your bathroom TV that you would with any television. The latest models are flat screen, and use LCD technology which provides you with a crisp, clear and bright resolution. The bathroom TV will be HD ready and have built in Freeview with a digital tuner which will give you access to fifty channels and meets the requirements for the digital switch over.

In order to prevent the screen from getting misty, the bathroom TV will come with a heated screen. Condensation need not get in the way of your viewing pleasure. You are able to have it wall mounted or embedded into your bathroom wall.