Most men and women purchase a carport framework to safeguard valued goods like a car or truck, boat, RV, motorbike, and far more. Some purchase it for the dual goal of shelter for property and an entertaining spot. Metal structures are a sensible investment irrespective of the shelter function. Metal is not susceptible to cracking or warping from publicity to drinking water or fire and the irreversible damage that insects and rodents can result in. The only downfall to obtaining a steel framework essentially has to do with its physical appearance. Steel whether or not in its all-natural grayish tone or colored in white, has an industrial physical appearance that may possibly not appeal to you but it is vital to bear in mind that the framework is basically made to serve a precise function of furnishing solid and sturdy shelter.

When picking involving numerous steel structures, the thickness of the material is a great indicator as to its durability. Metal resources are presented a gauge or quantity that indicates the thickness or density of the material. The larger this range, the stronger the structure will be consequently it is also much more costly to obtain. If you have a option concerning a single or one piece roof construction over one that is manufactured of several panels, generally pick the single piece roof building. The a single piece development is specifically designed to stand up to even the worse outside problems such as winds of upwards to 80 miles per hour.

Steel carports commonly arrive in kits that are effortless to assemble and set up. The style of installation generally dictates the total of time it will take. Stand on your own structures are less complicated to assemble and setup because they do not have to be anchored to an additional framework. Semi-attached structures want to be installed adjacent to an current construction like a garage or the side of your dwelling. Regardless the style or size construction you obtain, it is always a great thought to instill the aid of a number of associates.

TNT carports is a wonderful business to contemplate when hunting into what maker or retailer you want to go to to get your metal setting up and your carports from. There are a complete slew of distinct choices that you can select from to get all kinds of unique buildings and carports from them, and it can be instead daunting to determine upon which you should go with. There are a lot of different web pages both in the retail sector as well as on the World wide web, and it can simply just come to feel like there’s too much pick. It stands to explanation, that the time it takes to exploration prices income as effectively, in particular for corporations who do not have the manpower or the time to do the homework crucial to uncover the very best item. So let this guide be the exploration that you require, go with TNT carports as your key choice.

TNT carports substantially like all the other trustworthy carport firms Alamo current market are headquartered and stationed inside of North Carolina at their Mount airy facility. This corporation has been close to for rather a though, and started his relatives business and then eventually moved onto more full scale carport retailer and producer that stabs properly over 100 workers at the recent time.

How To Build A Home With Great House Design House Plans

build home

Building a custom home is one of the most rewarding homeowner experiences. After obtaining house plans, property to build on and hiring contractors, the work toward a dream home is well underway. The decision to build a home from the ground up involves a lot of important decision making. This will establish factors for the future house in every detail from deciding between house plans, to select the right layout, to the materials used for the kitchen cabinets.

Benefits of a Custom Home Include:

  • 100% customization for every detail. Even house plans can be modified to suit tastes and preferences. The ability to have the final say in all of the work that will go into the building of a home creates a house that will be perfectly suited to the homeowner’s exact specifications, and allows for a more comfortable and rewarding final result.
  •  Purchasing the lot will assist with the advantages to custom building. It’s one of the most important details of the home building process. The property can dictate everything from the materials used, to the direction the house will face. Plenty of time should be spent on the property, to get a feel for the land, and to think of an ideal house plan to match the landscape and neighborhood.
  • Avoiding builder’s grade appliances. Building a custom home involves picking out appliances. When a pre-built home is purchased, generally the kitchen appliances are builder’s grade. This means that they are not as high quality, and are plainer in design than is typically preferred. By installing high quality appliances of choice, the lifespan will be longer, and having the choice will guarantee a better match with the decor.

Before buying a plan check to be sure that it conforms to standards including the International Residential Code [IRC] and the Uniform Building Code [UBC]. The house plan can be modified to conform to the standards of states or countries but it is still well advised to read, research and consult with your architect regarding this matter. After deciding on the house plan that is perfect for the property, and suits needs and lifestyle, the next step is to continue the process of building the home. Some of these steps include:

  • A Materials List

This list will tell the contractor all of the materials that have been decided upon to build the house including fixtures, molding and paint.

  • A Building Material List

The items on this list will detail the construction materials required such as the lumber, concrete and nails.

Building a custom home is full of decisions but they are well worth it for a home that will be loved and enjoyed by its occupants today, and by their future generations tomorrow.

Great House Design provides house plans to their customers who are building new homes. The searchable plan database makes finding the perfect home easy, and to desired specifications. For more information on Great House Design and their plans visit, Great house design.

Playground Surfaces: Providing Your Kids With A Safer Play Environment


Playground activities make a great way of ensuring kids have a great time, also increasing their physical and mental discipline. However, they are most prone to getting injured when at a playground. To minimize these injuries, opt for installing playground surfaces that are available in various types.

A playground is one the most desired and exciting areas for kids; with swings, slides monkey bars etc. it’s one place they wish they never had to leave. It gives them their daily dose of enjoyment and socializing. Whilst the kids are having fun, for parents and care takers it’s a worrisome time because they understand that injuries are common in a playground. Being concerned about the safety of children is only natural.

In order to ensure kids are protected from injuries, it becomes very important to make the playground safe. Consequently consider opting for companies that offer playground surfacing. It is a known fact that a playground that is cushioned with a smooth surface minimizes the chances of kids getting injured in case of falling from a play equipment. Few of the added advantages of equipping your playground with high quality updated surfacing are:

  •  Reduction in the chances of kids tripping. This decreases the risk of injuries that are associated with the falls.
  • Weather conditions do not hamper their performance. Whether it’s boiling hot or icy chilled the surface remains intact.
  • They are made available in a variety of customizable shapes, designs, colors and sizes to ensure the kids do not get put off by their presence.
  • They are easy to install and maintain.
  •  The high quality material they are manufactured with, makes it abrasion, indentation and slipping resistant.

As you set out to choose a playground surfacing, make sure you make a guided choices because there is a wide range of surfacing on offer. The traditional sand, gravel and wood chips are not as efficient as the updated surfacing. Following are the various kinds of playground surfaces that offer higher level of protection:

  • Rubber Mulch Surface: It is a rather ideal and preferred playground surface choice, as a result of its increased elasticity and easy to maintain surface that does harden when washed. This ensures children remain protected at all times. Though originally available in black color, to enhance the look of the playground and to stimulate kids visual sense the color can be customized as requested.
  • Poured in Place Surface: Poured in place surfacing is known for its slip resistance and for lasting for long time. They are fairly inexpensive and do not require high maintenance, making it a rather cost effective option. Like the mulch, these surfaces are also available in numerous colors.
  • Grass Fill Surface: It is made of nylon yarn to give it a real grass impression, though unlike the original grass it does not require trimming or mowing. Also it remains fixed to the ground, further complimenting the fresh green look of parks.

So, kick start looking for a company that offers you all of above mentioned high quality surfacing. Be it rubber mulch, grass fills or poured in place, before zeroing down on the surface to install, ensure it tried and tested to meet the optimum ASTM standards. It is also vital that it complies to the ADA guidelines to guarantee the high quality of the playground surface that will safeguard kids from injuries.

Appealing Sunrooms Add beauty to your homes


Everyone would love to have modern home exteriors for attractive look. Its because excellent sunrooms and fantastic outdoors would improve the quality of your homes. You may have seen sunroom in your neighbours and friends houses. Have you ever thought of the benefits these sunrooms offer you? Along with providing wonderful appearance to your outdoors, sunrooms have amazing other benefits. It provides excellent atmosphere to enjoy with your family and friends in times of parties and special occasions. Sunrooms are the perfect place for relaxation. Usually after the whole day of hard work, your mind would long for a place to relax for a while. With sunrooms, you would love spending evenings outdoors.

Sunrooms look excellent with beautiful replacement windows during winter season as you can enjoy the sun by staying indoors itself. This is the safe way of getting lots of sunlight. One of the useful investments you make in your life is for home remodeling since it is the first impression which decides the value of your homes. Covering your homes with vinyl siding and installing finest replacement windows is an excellent way of impressing your guests. Sunrooms can help you stay free from unwanted noise and bugs. Replacement windows reduce the energy bills and make your house look fantastic. You can enjoy peaceful atmosphere in your indoor living spaces. Vinyl siding and windows are easy to install and maintain and so your house will have a natural look. During winter season, you can better understand whether the windows of your home are providing enough insulation or not. If you feel the cold inside, then your windows are to be replaced.

It is now simple to remodel your homes with appealing replacement windows and vinyl siding. Choose for windows made of materials which could save your monthly bills and are easily maintained. If you are looking for durable Missouri sunrooms for pleasing outdoors, various options are available to fulfill your dreams. Sunrooms can be installed in fascinating designs, styles and shapes. Your decision regarding the selection of windows and siding is much important as this can increase the value of your homes. Studies have proved that you can improve health by relaxing in sunlight atmosphere.

Whether you look for a place to relax after work or to enjoy with family and friends, sunrooms will be the best option. Remodeling companies in Springfield MO provides all of these rebuilding options for your homes. Experienced and qualified professionals can help you fulfill your home improvement needs. You have an option to select from the fascinating designs and styles of Missouri siding and sunrooms to enjoy its excellent benefits. Forget painting repairs and other maintenance costs by using vinyl siding and windows. Add beauty, comfort and style to your homes with amazing exteriors.

Classic Design: Living Room Decor



Why is it that when we set out to update a room sometimes it just doesn’t quite hit the mark? Yes, we can be proud of the new window treatments and the couch has some smart new pillows, but it still has a time-worn feel.

As I’ve looked at numerous living rooms in dire need of a facelift there are repeat decor offenders time and again. Our heavy and dark floral patterns on curtains, chairs, couches and pillows are among the worst. Dated and muted paint colors probably run a close second, with decorative items such as picture frames, lampshades and filler accessories a good third. So, what to do to fix this?

When attacking a true room update, regardless of the room, one needs to look at the big picture. You can fix one main problem and then another area stands up and screams for your TLC. Don’t freak! There are so many choices in the marketplace that allow any budget to make a difference.


Stand in different locations in your room and take a good look at what is there. You are going to see obvious items that are just downright past their expiration date. Remove all these items without thinking twice, and set aside for donation or DYI rehab. Now clear the room of every movable item and, if you need an update you most likely need paint, prepare for your new paint job. Before you choose paint, let’s address the other elements of the room first. Remember, paint is easily available and you have infinite colors to choose from.


Your flooring is going to set a certain tone for the room. Wood flooring is great because you can venture in many different directions with area rugs and well as color palate. Carpeting can be a bit of a problem if it has a strong color palate and or pattern. A neutral carpet is always best as you are able to create many different looks and styles over time as well as layer it with bolder area rugs to create individual spaces and add a punch of color if desired. If you are locked into your carpet color spectrum note that even though it might have a prevailing color there are many colors within the pattern that you can pull from. Just because the overall color is green does not mean that the whole room has to be crammed with that green.


Vendors have heard you and now have created so many choices for window style at great prices. Whether it is roll-down natural shades or big, bold patterned curtains you are looking for, the choices are plentiful. Layering window treatments are a great way to create a plush look for your home. With all the geometric patterns, solids and sheer curtains available, a blind added in combination can quickly modernize. Try darker matchstick blinds with a bold curtain pattern to create a fresh and earthy balance. Sometimes the changing of a curtain rod can be all that is required to bring your window wear into the modern age. Another trick is to remove the curtains altogether and just use blinds for a nice change of pace.


Free your furniture from the imprisonment of dated décor! Sofas are one of the biggest problems we face. They are big, take a lot of fabric and can be costly to reupholster. Obviously if your couch fabric can withstand your update transition, throw pillows that work with the entire rooms decor is the easiest fix. There are a lot of great slipcovers now on the market that can make quite a transition but consider having it tailored a bit for a nice snug fit. I’ve seen a lot of great new sofas at very reasonable prices, so shop around.


Whether you simply add a new chair or two, or have one reupholstered, chairs can make quite a difference in a room. Chairs can be utilized to add a shot of color, be somewhat sculptural or even a “folly” as an interesting art piece. Remember paint or re-staining is always an option depending on the chair.


Dated lampshades are an obvious red flag for a dated room. Dry, brittle, stained and dusty are all too common. Lamps will always outlive the shade, however that message is lost on many. Pleated and angled shades was the standard for years. Many a lamp will look brand new with a current “drum” shade or something other than the pleated old stand-by. Try painting a shade for a pop of color as well, but make sure to coat it several times. This works best on heavy paper or fabric.


Artificial flower arrangements and greenery are in most homes. Judging by how old and dusty they look seems it seems some homes were literally built around these arrangements. Many a homeowner appears to think that once they have one of these “festive florals” they “never” have to replace it! Artificial flora has come a long way in recent years. I have often been caught off guard as to whether some are real or not. Spruce up those arrangements with some fresh stock and revive your look. Check craft stores for some great new “cuttings,” but be careful since there is still a significant supply of the plastic-looking flora.


Old frames are another obvious dated look. Vendors have been able to provide great looking inexpensive frames. Unless you have a table of sterling silver frames in various shapes and sizes or various antique frames with old masters artwork, try to keep a uniformed look for showing off your pictures. All white, black or wooden. Just keep it consistent.


Unless you are an art collector, you need to have filler accessories. These items might be vases, bowls, sculpture etc. As these items are meant to fill out a room, they probably don’t have much sentimental value to you. Clear out your shopworn “stuff” and find things you like that will work with your new fresh look. Also don’t be afraid to mix some modern pieces in with your traditional feel. Variation, to a certain degree, keeps your room interesting.


Your ceiling fixtures are probably one of the last items you want to think about. We all know lighting has become more affordable, but the electrician might cost a little something. All I can say is that it will be money well spent!


Painting or refinishing a dresser or cabinets might not be what you want to take on. New hardware is an easy fix and a project you can do yourself. Make sure to buy hardware that is interchangeable without drilling or patching holes.

So that’s is the “Big Picture”! Some of you might need help in one or two of the areas I’ve spoken about and others might need the “Big Picture”. You are the only one who can decide for yourself.

NOTE: If you have to think about whether it is old and dated — it probably is! Move On, Move Up!

The Cost of a Basement Finishing Project


You have been repeatedly told that finishing the basement of your Fargo home is a cost effective way of obtaining additional floor space. Since the basement is at a different level from your main living area you can finish it to gain a quiet and peaceful place to use as your home office, sport’s room, home theater, or living area. Alternatively, you can finish your basement to be used as a children’s play room or music room and ensure peace and order in the rest of your home. While the possibilities are endless, you naturally want to know how much the basement finishing project will cost.

Factors Affecting the Basement Finishing Cost

Like any construction project the cost of finishing the basement of your North Dakota home depends on various factors. Some of them are:

Size of the basement

Number of rooms needed

Need for egress windows

Appliances that will be used in the finished basement

Electrical work needed

Custom carpeting

Number of support pillars that are present

Amount of trim and molding desired

Number of windows

Some of these factors can be decided only after the design of the basement is finalized. Many home owners choose to finish only a part of the basement and retain the rest as storage space. This will require a door to access the storage space with ease. You do not want your guests seeing a pile of stuff, your stuff, when they are watching TV or playing some pool in your basement. It does not matter how nice you fix up the basement if half of it is filled by items collecting dust.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Apart from the costs mentioned above, many people decide to add a bathroom to their basement to minimize the number of trips upstairs. A dehumidifier too might be essential to keep the finished basement in Bismarck, ND, dry and usable. These additions naturally will add to the cost of your basement finishing project. However, the extra costs will add to the comfort level of the basement room and increase the value of your home.

Remodeling Costs

Homeowners planning to remodel the basement of their Fargo home will have to spend less than those wanting a complete basement finishing job done. When undertaking a remodeling project, the contractor will be able to utilize some of the existing tiles and other basement finishing products. For instance the floor and roof tiles might be retained. Also, if the existing windows have energy efficient panes, there is no need to replace them. This means that you have to only pay for the extra light fixtures and the cost of labor for their installation. By investing only a small sum, you will be able to convert the unused playroom into a home theater or home office.

Safety of Finished Basements

When it comes to a basement finishing project in Fergus Falls, MN, Fargo, or anywhere else, your imagination is the only limiting factor. The superior specialized basement finishing products available can convert even the most unpromising of basements – one that is dark and damp and has many support pillars and uneven walls into a warm, cheerful, and inviting room that can be safely used by all members of your family.

Ideas for flooring in your home


Your home is your paradise and if you are planning to renovate your home, goes for the changes that are not only eye catchy but also comfortable for you and your family. Remodeling of the home is associated with revolutions and amendments adjusted in every nook and cranny of the home. If you are going to change the flooring of your home there are some tips for flooring of different parts of you house.

Bedroom flooring:

There are plenty options when it comes to flooring in your bedroom. Being the most private and personalized part of your home, your bedroom is the place which grabs a big part of your budget whenever you are remodeling your home. You can use carpet, tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork or laminate. Play with different materials in different rooms. You can opt for striped light and dark shades in your boy’s room so that if your son is going to create mess, which is unavoidable, the flooring can withstand the burden. Also the flooring can bear heavy traffic of the folks coming in the bedroom. For more powerful scratch and water resistant flooring you can choose laminate.

Living room flooring:

It is the most used part that withholds most of the traffic coming in and out of the house. It is highly recommended that the flooring should be strong enough that it can endure all such amendments done with your furniture or to the increasing and decreasing ratio of visitors. For this purpose you can opt for hardwood flooring. Being classy and sophisticated in look it is the perfect choice for your living room whenever you are remodeling your home.

Kitchen flooring:

Design the floor of your kitchen in such a way that it not only looks pretty but also gives a practical impression. You can choose from vinyl, tile, natural stone, wood, cork or laminate. A floor covering that is water resistant and durable such as tile is a best choice to protect against potential water damage. Make sure when you choose your floor to order a little extra of the product in the event that you drop something like a pot on your floor. If the flooring material is damaged, you will be sure to have enough to repair the floor because often floor manufacturers have high turnover of their products to insure a continual buying cycle. Most flooring contractors add 5-10% additional square footage of the flooring product to their purchase order to insure they have enough for the project and to provide the client with a little extra flooring for future use.

There are five things you need to look for when choosing new carpeting for your home:

  • First of all, carpet padding supports your carpet and protects it from wear and tear. It also helps insulate your home and absorbs sound. Different kinds of carpet pads are recommended for different types of carpets and for rooms with different amounts of traffic.
  • To keep your costs low, shop around before you buy your carpet. Splurge on better quality carpeting for rooms with higher traffic. If you get carpet tile, you can replace one tile rather than the whole carpet if part of it gets ruined. Research the pros and cons (and prices) of different fiber types.
  • Find out about cleaning and maintenance. What equipment will you need? How often will you have to clean your carpet? Choose a carpet that will be easier to maintain. For example, a textured rug will conceal footprints and a loop carpet is more resistant to dirt.
  • Choose colors that reflect the tone you’re looking to set in each room. Cool greens and blues are considered peaceful, while warm golds and reds make a room feel cozy. Light colors will make a small room feel bigger; patterns, texture and dark colors help hide stains. Bring home color samples to see how they’ll look in each room
  • Finally, check how different carpets may affect your health or the environment. Volatile organic compounds in carpets, padding and adhesives can contribute to allergies, asthma and air quality in your home.You may want to buy carpeting made from recycled materials and renewable resources. The Green Seal Certification or the Green Label of the Carpet and Rug Institute are good things to look for when you want to know about the impact a carpet may have on your health or the environment.

6 Ways to Use Old Stuff to Create Smart Storage

These DIY storage ideas transform items you already have into problem-solvers.

Don’t let your old stuff freeload! Put it to work. Use that old suitcase, file cabinet, magazine rack — even items you might ordinarily pitch into the recycling bin — to help organize your home. You’ll save money, and your family will benefit from unique storage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Go on: Unpack your creativity and pack up your clutter into old stuff you never before thought to use as storage.


1.  Tin Cans Become … Winter Gear Storage

Hats and gloves and boots, oh my. With three young children and a small entryway, Clare Fauke gets desperate to see her floor each winter. “I needed a way to contain things in a spot everyone could reach,” she says. While cooking chili one day, she had an aha moment. “Those 28-ounce cans of diced tomatoes were the perfect size to [use for stowing] a couple of baby gloves,” says Fauke who lives with her family in Chicago.

She washed out the cans and made sure there was no torn metal around the edges. Then she screwed the cans to a piece of scrap wood and attached the whole thing to the wall by the door. “It really helps discourage the kids from throwing their things everywhere,” Fauke says. And the cost is minimal if you wait until those tomatoes are on sale.

2.  Old Strawberry Containers Become … Organizers

Berry-lover Mickey Mansfield of suburban Charlotte, N.C., found himself knee-deep in plastic strawberry boxes. He decided to use an empty one as a first aid kit in the garage. Like berry vines, the idea grew.

Now, he uses them to store crayons, markers, and craft supplies. “They’re ‘free’ (just the cost of the strawberries), easily replaceable, and see-through,” Mansfield says. “The kids can see exactly what they’re grabbing.” He finds they can hold up for years. They’re stackable and strong enough, he says, to store batteries and Matchbox cars.

“I even leave the cars in the container, which has holes, and dunk the whole thing in a bucket filled with a solution of water and bleach to disinfect them,” he says. “Then I just tip them over to drain and dry.”

3.  Old Suitcase Becomes … Charging Station

Even chargers deserve a nice home. With four kids ages 7 to 17, Brenda McDevitt was finding chargers, tablets, cords, and cell phones all over her suburban Pittsburgh home. She wanted a centrally located storage center and looked no further than the perfect-sized container that happened to already be in her home: a vintage suitcase she was using in a decorative display.

“I’ve always loved the look of them,” says McDevitt, who admits to collecting old suitcases from mostly roadsides. “I’ve never paid for one, and I always have a couple of suitcases laying around for things like magazine storage. Or I’ll put them under a bench or on top of a cabinet.”

McDevitt relined this vintage case with a cheery fabric to make the inside of the charging station as chic as the outside. She then drilled some holes in the back for the cords to exit and left a power cord inside so everyone can plug in their devices out of sight.

4.  Plastic Magazine Racks Become … Freezer Organizers

Anyone who has ever had something fall out of the freezer onto his toes knows the dangers of rifling through bags of frozen vegetables, packages of meat, breads, and leftovers. The fix is so simple — plastic magazine racks. (If you don’t have some lying around, you can find them at an office supply store for $6 or less.) Slide them in your fridge and fill them up. Your toes will thank you.

Who says a window can’t be a door? Erica Hebel wanted to create a rustic-looking storage cupboard for her “itty bitty powder room that is ridiculously shaped and hard to get into” in suburban Chicago. She began with a $3 wood window purchased at a barn sale. “A bit worn, but that adds to its character,” she says.

Hebel cleaned the wood and the glass panes. Then she built a cabinet box with three pine boards for shelves, plywood for the back, and a few small hinges using a brad nailer, a stud detector, and a Kreg jig.

6.  Stool Becomes … Gift Wrap Organizer


When the cardboard box housing Sarah Ramberg’s wrapping paper finally gave out, she remembered a photo she had seen of an upside-down stool used to corral fabric bolts. That led her to an idea.

The Greenville, S.C., “biologist by day” spray-painted an old stool, slathered on a coat of sealant, and put four casters on the seat so she can “wrap and roll from room to room.” Ramberg cut a “crazy print” thrift store pillow case in half to create catch-all pouches to attach to the side. “It’s a ‘low sew’ project,” she says. And low-cost, too:


Choosing the Best Door Knobs

door knob

Door knobs are one of the most important parts of the door since it is the one responsible for the security of the room. A door with out door knobs will never be secured. There are actually different types of door knobs that you can buy for your door for you to be secured when it comes to your safety and security. Door knobs and locks for doors are available at hardware. You can buy them in sets or you can also buy them individually. Choosing the best door knobs could be challenging since door knobs comes in different types of safety features and the more complicated the safety features the more expensive it cost. But the simpler the safety feature the cheaper it cost. So, it is up to you who of those door knobs you prefer to have as long as it matches the design of your door and also it could provide you the security that you want.

Do not buy those door knobs that could easily be open by burglars, Im referring to those cheap type of door knobs. When you enter into hardware and if you are not sure what type of door knobs to buy, never hesitate to ask for assistance so you will be guided and there would be someone that can explain to you or answer your questions regarding the features and safety of the door knobs that you want to buy. Believe me there are different types of door knobs that have cool feature and could really provide you the safety and security that you need.

Another concern that you will have is the installation of the door knobs. There are people who are really knowledgeable when it comes to these matters but you don’t really need to hire a professional just to install a door knob; you can simply do it yourself. All you need to do is to follow the guide that is provided at the back of the packaging. There are steps provided on how you can install these door knobs to your door.

When installing, you also need to have tools like screw driver since most of the door are being screwed. So, make sure that you have the tools needed for installation so everything will be easy and simple. With out this tool there is no way that you can install these door knobs. So make sure that you have the right tools before you start the installation.